Officers 2010-2011


Rear Row, from Left to Right: Bro. Robert Andrew Clow, Junior Steward; W.Bro. Phil Pilon, Treasurer; W.Bro. Garry Murphy, Chaplain; Bro. Donovan Hastie, Senior Deacon; W.Bro. Harry Baker, Immediate Past Master; Bro. Gordon Echlin, Junior Warden;

Second Row, from Left to Right: Bro. Joseph Tereschuk, Senior Steward; Bro. Andrew Valley, Junior Deacon; Bro. Mark Tereschuk, Inner Guard; W.Bro. David Taggart, Outside Guard; V.W.Bro. Harry Purdy, Secretary;

First Row, from Left to Right: Bro. Stephen Kipp, Senior Warden; M.W.Bro. Donald H. Mumby, Custodian of the Works; R.W. Paul E. Todd, Member of the Board of General Purposes; W.Bro. Shawn Todd, Worshipful Master of St. Johns Lodge No. 63; M.W. Raymond S.J. Daniels, Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Canada in the Province of Ontario; M.W. Allan J. Pretrisor, Immediate Past Grand Master; W.Bro. Bernard Duffen, Director of Ceremonies; Bro. Steve Lawson, Historian;

Worshipful Master
W.Bro. Shawn Todd

Immediate Past Master
V.W.Bro. Harry Baker

Senior Warden
Bro. Stephen Kipp

Junior Warden
Bro. Gordon Echlin

W.Bro. Garry Murphy

W.Bro. Phil Pilon

V.W.Bro. Harry Purdy

Director of Ceremonies
W.Bro. Bernie Duffen

Senior Deacon
Bro. Donovan Hastie

Junior Deacon
Bro. Andrew Valley

Inner Guard
Bro. Mark Tereschuk

W.Bro. David Taggart

Senior Steward
Bro. Joe Tereschuk

Junior Steward
Bro. Robert Clow

W.Bro. James Birtch
R.W.Bro. Ivor Bayley

W.Bro. David Taggart
Bro. Stephen Kipp

W.Bro. David Taggart
Bro. Keith Munro

Bro. Steve Lawson