I hope that you and your families enjoy thoroughly the summer. We have several events planned this summer and I hope to see all of you and your families at those events. As most of us know, those events do take a lot of work, from the preparation to the execution and clean up. Please don't hesitate to lend your hand and support our Junior Warden as he works hard this summer to make our events a success. Of course there is also Grand Lodge in July and I hope to see as many of you as possible up there in Toronto, I am definitely looking forward to going this year as Master.

A huge thank you to all the members of St. John's lodge for entrusting me with the lodge for the next Masonic year. It truly is an honour and a privilege to sit in the high chair in the East. It was an amazing experience, the highlight of my masonic career to this point and something that I will never forget. I'd like to thank everyone who participated and made the Installation a wonderful night for everyone.

We are going to have a busy year next year in lodge. It's great to see that we have many people looking to be new members and join our wonderful lodge. We also have a lot of enthusiastic new members who will be looking to continue to progress in their masonic journeys and receive new degrees. I hope to have a steady balance of degree work and education in the upcoming year as I will look to have all members, new and old, engaged in lodge next year.

Enjoy the summer and don't forget to keep on your work for next year as we strive to keep up the reputation and level of excellence in St. John's lodge.

W.Bro. Corey Snow
Worshipful Master
St. John's Lodge #63