Worshipful Master 2012-2013


The Lodge is a symbolic microcosm of the world outside. Masonic symbolism is woven into the fabric of a tale that should be contemplated deeply and viewed as an allegory for our own lives. It teaches major truths about how we should perceive the world, our attitudes and the nature of life. Sometimes we need to turn around and remind ourselves to apply these things that we learn. This is the nature of the human condition that we strive to transcend.

Freemasonry is at its most potent when we treat it as a way of life, and not just a social event or pastime. One consequence of such intensity is that we may develop strong feelings of attachment. Attachment to traditions, to buildings, to our place in the fraternity, to the very ideas that we hold. Yet, this is contrary to a major masonic teaching: Impermanence. Symbolized by the sprig of Acacia, it is vividly depicted as a dynamic cycle of decay and rejuvenation. The cycle of officer rotation is just one example of this rising, falling and renewal, soon about to repeat in May.

Membership changes. Buildings, furniture, roles and responsibilities rise and fall. What must rise, grow and never fail, is the unbroken chain of brotherly love that unites us and provides immortality in the continuum of our Lodge. Look well to the chain, Brethren.

Sincerely and Fraternally
W.Bro. Gord Echlin
Worshipful Master
St. John's Lodge #63