Worshipful Master 2012-2013


For those who weren't there, the year started with a bang! Our first meeting had 26 members and 25 visitors, with the travelling gavel visiting us from Mississippi Lodge 147. Mississippi had 17 members in tow!! It was a great evening of fellowship and a great reminder of the joys of travelling within the fraternity. There is no feeling like hosting and visiting other Lodges, expanding your fraternal network outside of your own Lodge. That brings up the fact that we will be reciprocating the delivery of the Traveling Gavel to Carleton Lodge 465 on Thursday September 27th. Remember, the goal is to be at least the Perfect number, but in reality we should be striving to at least match Mississippi with 17 attendees. Carleton is a beautiful Lodge with great membership, so its going to be a very fun night.

On September 26th, we will be having a Rusty Mason night at the Lodge. This is an opportunity for any Brother to come and refresh themselves in the mechanics of opening and closing, as well as signs, tokens and words. When we do not use these things, they can easily be forgotten, so please come in and have a coffee and have a little bit of fun. Regular meeting time of 7:30 pm, Informal dress. It would be wonderful to see faces that have not been out regularly come back to Lodge to support our fresh new members and renew old friendships.

The October regular meeting will be our DDGM meeting. This is the DDGM's first official visit to any Lodge in the district. There will be plenty of visitors, and we are looking to celebrate some of our older members with long overdue 25 year and 50 year pins. Rusty Mason night is great preparation for the DDGM night.

Speaking about fresh new members, pursuant to my message in the last summons, now there are indeed 2 candidates. We will be holding a First Degree for these aspiring candidates on October 17 as an emergent meeting. There are also 2 more applicants, who we hope to ballot on at the next regular meeting. Given a successful ballot, I hope to have another emergent meeting on October 24th to initiate these 2 applicants into Freemasonry.

It really is shaping up to be an exciting and satisfying year for St. John's 63, the fruition of the work of the past decade by my predecessors.

Sincerely and Fraternally
W.Bro. Gord Echlin
Worshipful Master
St. John's Lodge #63