W.Bro. Steve Kipp, WMW.Bro. Steve Kipp, Worshipful Master


I would like to thank the Degree Team for the excellent work done in the Initiation of our new Brother Chris Helmer.
Special thanks to Bro. Jeff Hudder and Bro. Rob Clow as new of members of degree team. (Well done).

Bro. Chris Helmer, welcome to St. Johns Lodge 63. Your enthusiasm showed on the night of your Initiation, as did Bro. Brandon Armstrong the month before. Your Masonic journey is well on its way.
Thank you Brethren for the 24 pounds of food that we brought to the Carleton Place Food Bank from the last meeting, Jan. & Feb. are rough months at the food bank.

W. Bro. Vic Gilmour it was great to see you in Lodge, you are an inspiration to the craft.

Thank you to the 6 Brethren who brought the District Travelling Gavel to Hazeldean Lodge 517 on Jan. 18-2012.
I will be Visiting St. Francis Lodge (Smith Falls) on Thursday February 02, if you need a drive meet at the Lodge 6:00 P.M. (hope to see you there).

Yours Fraternally

W.Bro. Steve Kipp W.M.
St. John's Lodge No. 63