W.Bro. Steve Kipp, WMW.Bro. Steve Kipp, Worshipful Master


in August we had the Pancake breakfast in front of the Lodge, and the Lodge Picnic at Heather Costello's. We had fun, a couple of laughs, and everyone had a good time. The September meeting went great, Bro. Chris Morrow and Bro. Jeff Hudder proved themselves in to 3rd Degree. We also invested W. Bro Shawn Todd with the collar of I.P.M. At the end of the night I could not help but reflect on the evening, the Lodge Breakfast, and the Lodge picnic.

These 3 events went great because of team work, hard work, and lots of food, (and the weather). Thank you, Bro Corey Snow, the brethren and their wives for making St. Johns Lodge what it is an Ottawa valley jewel.


W. Bro. Steve Kipp

Worshipful Master, St. Johns Lodge No. 63