W.Bro. Steve Kipp, WMW.Bro. Steve Kipp, Worshipful Master


I could never have guessed 24 years ago when I joined the craft that I would ever have had the capacity or the ability to be the Worshipful Master of our great Lodge. In fact, it has taken me this long, because I did not understand my own capabilities. Yet that is exactly the point of Freemasonry, the genius of its science: to take good men and make them better. Once I overcame my reluctance and determined that I would do it, the masonic art has guided me on the road.

What a road it is. I will step back here and remind everyone that there are no shortcuts. This will only undermine the process, and detract from your enjoyment of Freemasonry. A wise person once said, “it is not the destination that is important, it is the journey”. But every journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. I encourage you all to start your journey, at your own pace, but start, and see it through. If you are daunted by some of the work that you see performed in the lodge, just start with small tasks and work up to the bigger tasks that the most experienced members seem to accomplish with ease. But start. They had to work at it too.

As we all know, one of the most important aspects of Freemasonry are the people, your brethren who join you night after night in the Lodge room and at the festive board, as well as many other meetings and events that make up the masonic experience. Your brethren have a great effect on you in your journey, and you in turn have a great effect on them. I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate W.Bro. Shawn Todd on a great year just past. The excellent work and the excellent meetings were an inspiration, and have given us great momentum for this year. I would also like to thank R.W. Bro. Paul Todd, who has been a great inspiration and encouragement to the Lodge, but in particular in my moving forward in the chairs. In general, you my brothers have all been a wonderful part of this process so far, and you will be going forward as well.

Finally, I would ask that we do not forget our departed Brethren who have gone before. We are standing on their shoulders. As a personal note, I would have wished that Bro. Brian Costello could have experienced this year with me. Let us never forget them.


W.Bro. Steve Kipp

Worshipful Master, St. John’s Lodge No. 63