WBro Shawn ToddWBro Shawn ToddBrethren,

As I come to the last portion of this Masonic year, we can reflect on the most recent events in Japan. It is quite easy to view the disaster as an inclusive event, and overlook the far broader impact that it may be having on the population, and the fortitude of the Masons that may be living in that area.

The first known lodge in Japan, was Sphinx Lodge, and was operated under the banner of the Grand Lodge of Ireland during the year 1862-1865. Most of the original masons belonging to this lodge were of military background. This original lodge was formed in the area surrounding Yokohama Bay, which was recently effected by the recent disaster.

Since that time the lodges have grown all over the country, only facing pressure in 1941, after the country declared war. On Sept 1, 1923 Japan suffered through the original “Great Earthquake”, in which some areas didn’t fully recover for another forty years. Damaged and crippled, the country rebuilt itself.

Most recently, Japan suffered an Earthquake and Tsunami like never before. A nuclear meltdown is almost certainly imminent. We should remind ourselves, that Freemasonry is global. That our brethren, stretch across the face of the planet. That our foot shall travel through difficulty and danger to unite with his. That our order, separated by continents, divided by language, and only different by means of culture, share a deep similarity of perseverance. That we share in common - a group of men, searching for truth, lending at all times compassion to the weak, upholding honesty, and constantly building a framework of brotherly love. Even in times of difficulty and danger, when we are all taught to put our trust in the Great Architect, we often may be required on bended knee to stretch out our hand for help, and feel that always warm, reassuring and comforting hand of assistance.

You are the future of the lodge.
Shawn Todd WM