This year closes with some difficult times for St John’s Lodge. At my installation, I had mentioned that a hard part of Masonry - in my experience, and others, had involved seeing brothers pass to the Grand Lodge Above. We had no way of knowing then what the future held, and today – having seen several of our valued members pass onward, we can only do what we can to move forward without them. Religious bodies often are built around principles rewarding one’s good merit after death. Masonry however, is built upon a structure of principles that remind Masons to act today. We take from this, a set of standards that force us to look inward, to bring out our best, to help others, and in the end personify the ideals of brotherly love. Our departed brethren are great reminders of these principles. They were pillars in the community, in their lodge, in their homes, and had the heart and willingness to help complete strangers.

As we all move forward to 2011, it is a brand new year. It gives us all a chance to look inward, to refresh our mind, and reset our goals.

“If you want to know where the future of Freemasonry will grow and prosper it's simple: in the heart, in your heart, in my heart, and in the hearts of those who follow us. “
Conrad Hahn

Let us come to together as a group to support Bro Marcel Gratton in his third degree at the January meeting. If any brethren are unable to attend lodge due to transportation reasons, you are reminded to simply let us know. You are an important part of our evening and we will make arrangements to get you here.

You are the future of the lodge.

W.Bro. Shawn Todd
Worshipful Master