Worshipful Master 2012-2013


We’re really having some busy meetings. Our first meeting we had 51 present and at the DDGM we had 71 present. It is always wonderful to have a full lodge. It was also amazing to have old friends back for their long term service pins. Brethren, I hope you keep coming back and I hope some of the other Brethren who have fallen off in attendance will also consider coming more often.

By our November regular meeting we will have 2 more Brethren, as we conferred our first EA degree of the year on Oct. 17. Very good turn out for an emergent meeting. There are more in the offing as well, as we will having another emergent meeting to confer 2 more EA degrees on November 21, pending the outcome of the ballot. This Lodge is looking younger all the time! It is extremely important that we follow up with our new Brethren, and ensure that they understand what the whole process was about and what they can look forward to. This is a mandate that all Grand Lodges seem to be picking up on , and there are some excellent programs put in place to help out with that.

We have some great initiatives in progress for engaging the community. The CHiPs Program is an old standby, but I’m very excited about the work W.Bro. Shawn Todd is doing on the Food bank, and I would really like to get the Blood drive much better attended. We all benefit from the latter, and the day that you need that particular service you will be very glad you participated. Don't forget to bring your canned goods to the Lodge meeting! At the end of the day, our lives and our organization about service. If you don't have that perspective, then you should go back and review what you are being taught in the Lodge.

Sincerely and Fraternally
W.Bro. Gord Echlin
Worshipful Master
St. John's Lodge #63