I'd like to congratulate our 2 newest Fellow crafts, they did a fantastic job proving themselves in the first degree and everyone who took part in their degrees did amazing and made it a truly great night.

From the good to the bad. We had a member pass away, Francis Gardiner. A masonic service was held on September 23rd. I'd like to thank W. Bro. Steve Kipp for joining and assisting me at the service, I know the family appreciated it. That happened to be the first time I had ever seen a masonic service and was leading it. It's a very special part of our organization and even though there is no memory work I would like to practice it at some point this year so everyone can see and understand what happens and how so everyone is prepared should they attend one in the future.

This month is very exciting for St. John's lodge. First up we have our official visit from the DDGM and will be initiating a new member who many members know personally. Then we are having an emergent meeting to initiate 2 more candidates. Let's show the DDGM and our new candidates how great St. John's lodge really is and what kind of lodge they are joining.

W.Bro. Corey Snow
Worshipful Master
St. John's Lodge #63