100-W. Bro. D. Hastie: 2014-15


as we now approach a very important day; Remembrance Day, let us never fail to forget those who have put their lives on the line then and now for us to have the freedom and way of life we are now so used to. A good number were our own Brothers.

We had a very successful visit from our DDGM, R.W. Bro. Allen Wright in October as well as a fantastic Second Degree for Bro. Reynolds and during our Emergent meeting the following week a Second Degree for Bro. Dorland. The Work was top notch; congratulations brethren.

I will be travelling this week to Carleton #465 for their DDGM official visit on Thursday November 24th and I hope to see you there.

Sincerely and Fraternally,
W.Bro. Donovan Hastie
Worshipful Master
St. John's Lodge #63