I'd like to congratulate or 2 newest members, Craig Bowers and Mark Doland and wish them the best on the start of their masonic journeys. I'd also like to congratulate the members of St. John's lodge, it was an amazing DDGM night, the work was excellent and it was nice to see so many people come out and show their support, especially with all the visitors we had. I love seeing a packed lodge room with no seat to spare.

As we are taught in the 1st degree, Freemasonry is the most ancient and the most moral human institution that has ever existed. Every time I hear that I think so myself, man how great is it that I'm a part of something like that. One of the staples of Freemasonry is that it takes good men and makes them better. But we are not perfect, we can continue to grow and become better people and better masons through such things as education and reflection to name a couple. So always strive to become that better person, that better mason, our work is never complete.

Another busy month for St. John's lodge. I look forward to having the Past Masters degree team perform a 3rd for us. Brethren, the Past Masters have a lot of wisdom to share, we can learn a lot, so take notes, cause it won't be long before it will be our turn. Hope to see everyone out.

W.Bro. Corey Snow
Worshipful Master
St. John's Lodge #63